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Challenge 74 Voting

Apologies for the lateness of posting the voting. I have a few RL things going on as usual :/

Voting will last until Midnight EST Tuesday October 20th. Good luck to all who entered. We have 46 stunning entries to vote on!

Please vote for up to EIGHT icons and no less than TWO.

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Challenge 74 reminder

There are 30 lovely entries for the John and Margaret challenge, I have not posted a reminder before now as I injured my back last week moving about heavy furniture. Today is the first time I have been able to comfortably sit in my PC chair for any amount of time.

So...I am extending entry time until Friday October 16th Midnight EST.

Challenge 74 - John & Margaret

I don't think we have had a North & South challenge for a while. So this challenge is all about John & Margaret. Let's hope by the time it comes to set challenge 75, we will have some new caps from Spooks 8!

Entries for this challenge are due Saturday October 10th Midnight EST.

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Challenge 73 Results

I am sorry about the delay in posting the results, but the poll was closed at the deadline when it was supposed to be, I have spent almost the last two days in bed, sick, starting to feel a little more with it, finally.

Banners asap, and new challenge when I am feeling better. It was truly hard to choose mod's choice because there were so many icons I wanted to award it to, but with three ties for third, I narrowed it down to one.

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Challenge 73 Voting

Thanks to everyone that entered! The icons are gorgeous. Please vote for up to EIGHT icons in the poll provided thank you and please vote for more than ONE icon. Voting will last until Midnight GMT Monday August 17th. Good luck all!

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Challenge reminder

I am so sorry there has not been a reminder before now, but I have been and continue to be unwell, but better late than never! ;) There are 27 lovely entries so far, more would be even better! You can get them in Here

I am also giving you an extra 24 hours, so entries to be in Midnight Saturday. Thanks!

Challenge 73. Free style

For this challenge you can use whatever pics of Richard you wish, either in or out of character, photoshoots etc. I am supplying you with a pic spam, but you are welcome to use your own images too.

Entries due by Friday August 14th Midnight EST

Entries : 47

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